How I enlarged my penis using the porn stars method

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Hello friends!!!

My name is Gathii and 3 months ago I ENLARGED MY PENIS FROM 8 To 20 CM!!!

How did I do that? I'm going to tell you how it all started. I love watching porn. I often imagine that I am one of the actors who fucks juicy girls with huge tits in all their holes. But I had A SMALL PENIS :(((( only 8 cm... My sex partner was a real annoyance about that. All the girls like men with big dick, and I always was dumped after the first night.

I would have continued to masturbate with porn for the rest of my life if I had not seen an interview with a porn star. She said only a few men have long, thick tools by nature. Almost all porn actors use a special product to enlarge the penis: LongJack XXXL causes the penis to grow several centimeters long and thick in a month.

I found this product easily on the Internet: it is publicly available and very cheap!

Noticed the effect in 2 weeks. My penis became noticeably thicker. And it was made 5 cm longer when it was erected. I was more than happy! IT WAS GETTING BIGGER!!! YUHUUUUUU!!!! I thought If I'd used LongJack XXXL for 2 more weeks, I could reach and even beat any porn actor in size.

AND I DID IT!!!! At the end of the course, my penis grew 12 CM! This is how it looks now.

Now I watch porn much less often than I have sex in real life. The girls stick with me! I rarely sleep alone at home. The girls notice an interesting lump in my pants instantly and come to me first. I just reply to the girls more beautiful and passionate! No complaints yet!

So, guys, if you're worried about your little penis, don't despair. EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR HANDS!!! Every man deserves a good and varied sex. Use my life trick as a guide and don't give up whatever happens!

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  • Samuel

    Great! And if I miss 1-2 days, will my penis shrink?

    Gathii (author)

    I do not think so. It only takes longer to enlarge the penis.

  • Chege

    Amazing! I didn't know that LongJack XXXL was sold here. I have to order it!

  • Feruzi

    How much do I need?

    Gathii (author)

    1-2 packs per course

  • Moses

    Man, I did it too!!! +5 cm. Hurra!!!!

  • Osogo

    I also used LongJack XXXL. It has enlarged the penis and made the erection stronger. And sex is longer too.

  • Joseph

    I agree with the erection. Now I feel like a sex machine!

  • Pili

    My penis has grown 8,5 cm. Almost twice as much. Hey, I've beat you!

  • Ruhiu

    I'm in shock! I was not expecting to get this result. I thought it would enlarge only 2 cm, but it has grown 6, I couldn't even dream of that!

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